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Friday January 7, 2011 3:26 pm

Game Dev Story Developers Release The Game Dealer In Japan

Posted by Drea Avellan Categories: Games, New Apps

the game dealer

Game Dev Story addicts, it's time to get out of rehab because a new supplier dealer is in town. Kairosoft, the developers of the very popular and addictive Game Dev Story, have released a new game in Japan called Waiwai! The Game Dealer. After spending many sprints making those pirate and ninja games, you want people to play them, right? Well, Waiwai! The Game Dealer is here to do just that.  This game is all about managing a video game store.You'll also get your hands on the video game stock trade and even the sell yummy snacks. A simple premise which promises many hours of addictive gameplay. Localization to the U.S. has not been confirmed, but we sure do hope it happens soon.



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